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Rechargeable Table Fan

Method of choosing
First, the gap selection
1. With one hand, press the fan head without the fan blade and the net. Use the other hand to hold the rotor shaft and gently pull it up and down. If you feel the thickness of a single line of paper moving up and down, it is not good. If you only feel a slight shift, or even no displacement is the best
2. Push and pull the rotor shaft by hand, the ideal product is less than one-half of the thickness of a penny coin (the smaller the better, but not too tight). Otherwise, the angle of the head will be noisy.
Second, noise selection
1. Start with a quick gear before the fan blade is installed, and shake the head; the human body leaves the fan for about 50 cm and listens to the noise of the Rechargeable Table Fan motor. If there is an intermittent spurt or a squeaky sound, it is not good. The ideal noise should be weak and uniform.
2. The fan head is provided with the upper blade and the cover net for directional blowing; the two fingers are used to advance the two sides of the large ring of the rear cover, but the finger is about 0.5 mm away from the face. If the cover net vibrates to the hand, the blade is unbalanced, and will increase the noise.
If this method is difficult to grasp, you can also observe the line image of the front and rear sides of the blade when it is running (the shadow of the blade running, the shadow of the blade's high point at high speed, and the line image is used. ). First observe the front edge image, if a line appears as the best product, if two lines appear, and the wider the line spacing, the three pieces of the blade are unbalanced, the cover net vibrates, especially the vibration at the depression angle is larger. The rear line image observation is the same as the previous method.
Third, sensitivity selection
1. Put the Rechargeable Table Fan fan head at an elevation angle of about 20°, and press the slow gear and zero for six times in a 2-3 second time. If the blade does not start, the startability is poor.
2. When the slow start is started for about 30 seconds, press the zero position immediately. The ideal fan should see the number of inertia rotation of the fan.
3. Timer check: first turn the knob to a small grid (5 minutes). You should hear the sound in the clock (close to listening) otherwise it is not good.
Carro Electrical is a professional rechargeable table fan manufacturer, welcome to wholesale rechargeable table fan from our factory.
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