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Roof Fan

Working principle
The main components of the electric fan are: AC motors. The working principle is that the energized coil is rotated by the force in the magnetic field. The form of energy conversion is: electrical energy is mainly converted into mechanical energy, and at the same time, because the coil has electrical resistance, some of the inevitable electric energy is converted into thermal energy.
When the Roof Fan is working (assuming there is no heat transfer between the room and the outside world), the temperature in the room will not only decrease, but will increase. Let us analyze the reason for the temperature rise: when the electric fan works, because the current passes through the coil of the electric fan, the wire has resistance, so the heat will inevitably generate heat outward, so the temperature will rise. But why do people feel cool? Because the body has a lot of sweat on the body surface, when the electric fan works, the air in the room will flow, so it can promote the rapid evaporation of sweat, combined with “evaporation needs to absorb a lot of heat." So, people will feel cool.
System Impedance: Air flow resistance can cause airborne noise.
Turbulence of the airflow: High-frequency noise occurs due to the turbulent flow of the air due to poor design of the runner. If the runner is not improved, it is difficult to improve the quality.
Roof Fan's speed and size: The faster the fan's speed, the better the heat dissipation effect. The larger the size of the fan, the larger the air volume and the better the heat dissipation. Fan turn The higher the speed, the louder the noise, the larger the size, the louder the noise.
Temperature rise: When the temperature rises after the temperature rises, the heat dissipation effect is reduced.
Vibration: Vibration causes fan noise to rise, life is reduced, and speed is reduced.
Voltage fluctuations: Voltage fluctuations can cause fan speed changes, making operation unstable and generating additional noise.
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