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AC DC ceiling Fan

Way of working
1. Parallel fan: The fan pressure of the parallel fan is the same, but the air volume will rise. When the air volume is increased, the heat dissipation effect is increased. If the heat dissipation power is too small in the design, it may be considered to increase the fan to solve.
2. Series fan: The result of the series fan is that the wind pressure increases, but the air volume does not change. This method can not solve the heat dissipation problem, and is generally used when the resistance of the near wind is too large to ensure the air volume.
The blades of the AC DC ceiling fan are important components that must be protected from deformation during installation, disassembly, scrubbing or use.
When operating various function switches, buttons, and knobs, the action should not be too fast or too fast, and you cannot press two buttons at the same time.
The ceiling fan speed control knob should be rotated slowly and should not be rotated in the gear position. Otherwise, the ceiling fan can easily be heated and burned.
The oil or ash of AC DC ceiling Fan should be removed in time. Do not wipe with gasoline or strong alkali to avoid damage to the surface paint parts.
When the electric fan is hot, abnormal burnt, shaking head is not working, the speed is slow, etc., do not continue to use, and the power supply should be cut off in time.
Before collecting the fan, thoroughly remove the surface oil and dust, and wipe it with a dry soft cloth, then wrap it in kraft paper or a clean cloth. The storage location should be dry and ventilated to avoid squeezing.
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